Terms Of Use

When you save any or our linkware graphics or purchase any of our CD's or Graphics Collections you are agreeing to the Terms Of Use below.

If our graphics are used on a website, a link and credit to gonecountrygraphics.com is required.
You may use our graphics on YOUR personal OR business site as long as a credit and LINK to our website is on each page you use the graphics.

My graphics are not to be altered, copied, resized, or re-colored or distributed to others in anyway. You can add text to blank buttons, banners, labels or logos.

Any free linkware is only to be used on a website (no printing, email, or ebay use) and link back to gonecountrygraphics.com on the page is REQUIRED

Allowed use of our purchased graphics:

*Printable for your business or personal use… biz cards, item tags, stationery, receipts, thank you cards, mailing labels, candle labels.
*Your business or personal website use … link and credit to gonecountrygraphics.com is required on your site.

What is not allowed: 

*Reproduction of any of my graphics on items for sale without written permission from me AND registration as a Business Reseller ( $25.00 one time fee for use of all collections current and future SEE BELOW). This includes creating labels, business cards, stationery, etc that you would charge someone else a fee for printing. All graphics are copyright 2002-2003-or 2004 GoneCountryGraphics.com and we require a credit on your home page of your website if you plan to sell printables to others.

*Graphics may be used on the purchasers' personal or business website only. Other web designers are not allowed to purchase one copy and then resell or use them on a client website. If you are a website designer and have a client who would like to use our graphics, they need to purchase the graphics directly from us to use.

*Posting my graphics for download on your site or including them in a collection of graphics for sale is NOT allowed. Distribution to others is not allowed.
*Reproduction and sell of my graphics as embroidery, stitchery, or craft patterns, or any other type of pattern not mentioned is NOT allowed.
*Mass production of products (notecards, printed tags, checkbook covers, or any other craft product etc) using my graphics is NOT allowed. 
Any production of more than 50+ items, or items produced to sell to ANOTHER business to sell or be distributed, fall under this rule and would be subject to royalty fees and legal action for copyright infringement. 

If you have any questions about our terms or use or copyright requirements please email me at donna@gonecountrygraphics.com

$25.00 Business Reseller Registration 

Use the button above for Business Reseller Registration

Zip Collections will be delivered via email in zip file format usually within 24 hours of purchase. To unzip simply make a folder named Gone Country Graphics and unzip with Winzip to that folder or to a floppy disk. CD purchases will be mailed USPS Priority Mail within 48 hours of purchase!

Click Here if you need to download a evaluation copy of Winzip (Its free!)

You may add your own text to the blank buttons, banners, and quilt squares (this works best if done using Paint Shop Pro CLICK HERE to download a free trial). A credit and link to gonecountrygraphics.com is required on each website page where you use our graphics. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. I have enclosed coordinating logo banners for you to use or a text link is fine.

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