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NEW! Collection with over 200 graphics!  

Includes Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Valentines, 4th of July, Easter/Spring, St. Patricks and also a collection of "Scrappy Hearts n Stars" that can be used anytime of year or to accent the holiday graphics! Banners, Logos, Buttons, Backgrounds, Dividers, Print Graphics, Prim Tag Graphics  - the uses are ENDLESS!

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Scrapbooking, Labels, Gift Tags, Website Design - the uses for these graphics are endless! Graphics are saved in 300dpi. jpg and also several sizes of . gif website use formats to fit your needs for printed projects or online! 

Samples below are just a FEW of the graphics included! Many more !

Collection will be emailed to you within 12 hours of purchase.

 ON SALE! $22.00 

My rules of use apply to all purchased graphics. Do Not alter or resize my graphics without permission from me. You may add your own text to the blank buttons, banners, and quilt squares (this works best if done using Paint Shop Pro CLICK HERE to download a free trial). A credit and link to is required on each website page where you use our graphics. Give Credit Where Credit Is Due. I have enclosed coordinating logo banners for you to use or a text link is fine. We do not allow redistribution of our graphics (a website designer may not buy one collection and then charge clients a fee to use them on their website). Each website is required to purchase their own copy of the collection for use on their site.

 If you wish to use these graphics on printable items to RESELL to customers (labels, business cards, mailing labels etc), registration for resell business use is REQUIRED. 

Click Here for our Business Reseller information and Terms of Use

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Make payable to Gone Country Graphics, INC
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NO REFUNDS - Because of the nature of our graphics (you could save to your computer and mail the cd back for a refund) we do NOT offer refunds for any reason on purchased cd's or emailed zip file collections. We know you will be happy with your purchase.

Graphics on this page NOT FOR DOWNLOAD. Copyright 2010 Gone Country Graphics

Please Respect the No Right Click Script. Backgrounds are available in the collection also. Please do not take mine:o)